S.O.S. – Sandwiches On Sunday

posted Mar 1, 2017, 9:26 AM by Prince of Peace Webmaster

SOS so often means HELP! Or Shows our Sin and Shows our Saviour! Now, here at POPLC, we have added another tag to it. Until the summer we invite you to SOS together here at POPLC as often as you can but please don’t sweat it if you can’t do it always!


SOS = Sandwiches on Sunday! We, the T4M leadership team using the prescriptions we accepted as a congregation, want to encourage us to get to know each other better here at POPLC! Some people know some people and other people know other people but let’s get to know those we yet do not know.


Every Sunday you are invited to bring a sandwich or two for you and one for someone else. If you can stay great! If not, no problem! It’s a way we are trying to grow closer as a family here at POPLC.